The York County Black Golfers Association (YCBGA) dates back to 1996 when 4 York city residents began an annual September pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach, SC for a week of golf and good fellowship. Since then, the group has grown to over 40 members across Central Pennsylvania and other parts of the United States, and in 2005 with the passing of our first bylaws, became the York County Black Golfers Association.

Members of the YCBGA are African-American professional men who are York City and York County residents. Our ranks include city workers, firefighters, a retired York city police chief, business executives, a TV news anchor, a Harley Davidson supervisor, a Graham engineer, an AME pastor, stockbroker, federal worker, realtor, retired banker, school teacher, contractor, county corrections officer, and retired army officer.

We are proud to say that we received our 501c3 designation in early 2008. Our principal working address is in the city of York and we expect our activities to have their greatest impact on minority youth in York City. To date, the YCBGA has four major events--the YCBGA Memorial Tournament being held at The Links of Gettysburg on July 24th 2010, our YCBGA Youth Golf Mentoring Program, the YCBGA Scholarship Program, and a Winter Gala held at the York fairgrounds banquet center, which serves as our annual awards dinner.

2016 YCBGA Members

                        Andre Anderson                                             Darryl Maxfield                                        David Jefferson                           Warren Hart

                        Ricky Reynolds                                               Leroy "Bucky" Moore                              Tony Spells                                 Leon Brison

                        Mike Mitchell                                                  James Crosby                                            Harold Myers                             Frank Spells

                        Charlie Delauder                                            Lydell Nunn                                              Gary Stackfield                           Chuck Delp

                        Stoney Palmer                                                 James Stewart                                           Zane Dow                                    Charlie Patterson

                        Gary Townsend                                               Robert Duckett                                         Mike Prisby                                 Jack Weedon

                        Tony Edwards                                                  Calvin Randall                                          Earl Johnson                                Marty Anderson

                        Reggie Roper                                                   Terry Jones                                                Wattie Sanders                            Steve Roland

                        Darryl King                                                       Jim Wilson                                                Scott Anthony                             Leroy Mack

                        Charles Smith                                                  Ed Austin                                                   Ron Martin                                  Tommy Smith

                        Jarrett Barnett                                                  Jeff Bailey                                                   Jerome Anderson


2016 - 2018  YCBGA Board

                                                                                               President                                                          Harold Myers

                                                                                               Vice President                                                 Jarrett Barnett

                                                                                              Treasurer                                                           Jeff Bailey

                                                                                               Secretary                                                           Jerome Anderson

                                                                                               Statistician                                                        Tony Edwards

                                                                                              Sgt. of Arms                                                       Steve Roland